A Little Trip To Lake Benton

On Saturday we had nothing on the schedule.  Chris had noticed an event called  Benton Fremont Days, Te Tonka Ha Rendezvou in Lake Benton.  It stated that it would be a “Pickers Paradise.” That was enough for us.  We packed up the kids, quickly, fed them a snack, brought our wet swimsuits from the previous nights swim, and were off.

We first went to the Flea Market.  What a treat! Fun old things to browse.  I ended up with this bucket of wooden pegs.  I think Chris and I are going to put them in our entry way.


Besides the “junk”  there were women spinning yard, men who tan hides, people who make leather whips, shooting of canons and old riffles, lots and lots of people making arrowheads.  It was like stepping back into time.  These  people  choose to preserve these skills, teach them to their kids and all of us who are a little clueless.

We missed the “Corn boil” which is boiled sweet corn that you dip in a jar of butter and salt (will get their earlier next year)… however, Leeland did enjoy his first corn dog!

After Lunch the girls hinted that there should be ice cream and Leeland wanted to see the Wawa.  We ended up with a box of ice cream Sunday cones and directions to a park, from the local grocery store.  *great note about being a family of five: you can buy a six count of ice cream treats for about $4-6 dollars.  You have 1 extra to eat or have in case someone drops it and it was 1/4th the price of going to DQ.


We ended the day with swimming at the park’s beach. It was lovely. Norah enjoyed building a sand castle and decorating it with sticks and feathers.  Lilian swam around (it was a little different for her than swimming in the pool but she did pretty good).  Leeland … everyone say it together…. “threw rocks”…. he swam around in his life vest and played in the sand.  It was fun to be surrounded by families.  Families boating, families swimming and camping, families celebrating a 1st birthday.


I’m a planner and don’t always do a lot of spur of the moment.  So I’m glad we went. I’m glad we had no agendas or plans and enjoyed exploring this fun little town. What a great day! Chris mentioned to the girls as we were leaving that, “I think we will be back to Lake Benton!”

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