Summer Is … July 24th Celebration… Part 3


I’m continuing to write and reflect about our favorite things this summer. This has been wonderful because it helps me think about all the great and fun things we have done and want to do again for the next year.

July 24th, obviously has always been a part of summer, but now that date is forever etched in my heart, mind, soul.  July 24th was the day that Dad went to Heaven , a little over 2 years ago.  It is usually a time of year where my family isn’t together. However, last year and this year the Sioux Falls Families got together, ate, remembered, shared pictures about dad and released balloons.


It’s always hard to know what to do on an anniversary of something tragic that happens.  Life has moved on but we still want to stop, remember, laugh and cry and talk about dad.  My sister Heidi suggested breakfast, that turned into a picnic breakfast at the park. It was a beautiful spread and it looked so festive with the pretty balloons.   All the sisters brought a picture of dad to share and talk about.  We  got beautiful colored balloons that we wrote on with sharpie markers. We wrote what we missed, wrote what we learned, wrote of our love for dad (grandpa).

We walked to that park and did the balloon release. We watched them rise up higher and higher in the sky.  There were smiles and hugs and cheers when our balloons went around branches that would try to entangle them.  It was a moment of release, joy and celebration.

Dad always loved a good party! He loved his family and he loved when we all got together!

Read about July 24th, 2013 here and here


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