Summer is… The Strawberry Farm… Part 2


Back in June we made our summer pilgrimage to Hansen’s Berry Farm in Minnesota. This was definitely our first “Now it’s SUMMER” moments.  We  went with my sister and my niece and nephew.  I knew that I wanted to pick at least a gallon bucket  and I was ready to do most of the picking.  However, this year the girls really  did a great job of filling up their buckets.  Leeland thought that the field was one big Strawberry Buffet.    He definitely ate his weight in strawberries!

It was a beautiful beautiful morning. About the only thing that I didn’t keep in mind is that I was leaving the next day to my mom’s and I picked over 20 pounds of Strawberries.  At a $1.75 and strawberries that big , it was hard to stop!


Why we like Hanson’s Berry Farm:

  • Great big berries
  • $1.75 for U-pick berries
  • A fun wagon ride out to the field
  • Friendly owners
  • eat as you pick!
  • Close to our house!

It was our a favorite this summer and it will continue to be  a summer tradition!   Read about  past trips to the Strawberry Farm  {2014} & {2013}

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