Summer Is… Storyland Theater … Part 1


There have been a few times this summer where we do something and I think to myself ” This is Summer!!!”   I’m going to try to capture a few of these joyous moments and share our favorite summer activities.

This summer we went to the Storyland Theater in town at the park. We sing silly songs, we sing happy birthday to kids with summer birthdays, we watch a fun play.  The kids eat snacks and we sit on our blankets and enjoy.   We have been there in the past,  but this summer  we made it to 4 of their performances.    Leeland has been doing great so that made it a lot easier to go.  Lillian and Norah were especially excited to go with their cousin Ashley to one performance and also with Grandma Maloney.

Here are a few reasons why this is a summer favorite:

  • The girls scooter on the sidewalks to the band shell
  • They put on the plays like Rapunzel and Ninja Ninja Goose
  • They sing silly songs, like “There was a Shark” , and songs that have fun words like ” Guacamole” & “Cinnamon Twists”
  • We have a picnic in the park by the flowers
  • We get to see  people we know
  • It’s FREE
  • The kids play at the park and make new friends.
  • The weather is beautiful.

Today was the last show so we get to wait until next June to enjoy our next show!!!!

1 thought on “Summer Is… Storyland Theater … Part 1”

  1. Love the picture of Leeland on the edge of the blanket..oh my goodness does he look like Chris. Oh I love this and I so want to go to one with my kids…guess I may have to start it myself:)

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