Wilken Weekend 2015


This was the second year that we had our Wilken Weekend at Moms house.  It was a whirl wind few days.  I always joke that when the Wilken’s are together we do it much in 4 days as some people do in an entire summer! This summer was no different. Here were a few of the highlights and possibly the reason that we are so tired when we get back to our own homes.

There was hayrides driven by my brother.  This was a new addition to our Wilken Weekend. We took a ride over to where Grandma Mary used to live. Leeland did pretty good on the first trip but the next night he stayed with daddy. It’s hard to sit down for that long for any 18 month old.

We had a fun day playing at the beach by the lake.  The girls loved taking rides on the Jet Ski  with their cousin Ross.  Leeland enjoyed playing in the sand and throwing Rocks.

All the kids enjoyed endless hours playing around Grandma’s Farm.  Leeland’s favorite was long Rhino rides, the girls jumped on the trampoline, we brought out the kiddie pool and the adults played game after game of volleyball.

4th of July games
This year Molly and Heidi planned some fun games to play as a family.  We did a water race, three legged race, potato sack race, egg toss, and a relay around the farm.  My nephew Ross and I won the Egg Toss.  It was a super long distance and after three rounds we claimed victory!

We ended with weekend with a Church service planned by Laura and Heidi.  It was a special time of worship and fellowship, prayer and devotion.  This was a tradition that Dad had always undertook each summer on vacation at Hutch.  They did a great job of keeping the tradition alive and the focus on Jesus.

Yep we Played Hard, Worked Hard and Praised Hard! Until next year.

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