Vacation Bible School

This week my girls attended vacation bible school for the 1st time. It was really rather perfect.  Their cousin Ashley was helping in their classroom. Their Aunt Laura and cousin Darin did dramas all week long.  They sure looked big all by themselves lined up with their teacher.  Everyday they woke up early and were in pretty excited to go back to each day.  This week they were walking through the book of Proverbs. Learning about different Truths and wisdom.  I always heard about the crafts, snacks, games, bible lesson and the skits each day.  I made sure that we packed a lunch for them to eat each day on the van ride home since VBS was done at 12:00.  That helped push past  the exhaustion and make it to home for nap.  Norah was so proud because for the first time, “She peanut buttered  her own sandwich!” Then each day they got to bring money for offering to help buy Mission Balls to go to Belize.

Sooo tired
Sooo tired

While the girls were at VBS Leeland and I got the rare chance to hang out just us two. I tried to think of just about every errand that I have ever wanted to do with just 1 kiddo.   It is amazing how fast you can move with just one kid to buckle in the carseat.  Here are just a few of the things that we got to do this week.

Monday- I got to go to the Mall and meet a friend .. we enjoyed Caribou Coffee … such a rare treat.  Then we watched Leeland play in the little kid area. A place that we don’t get to much with anymore.

Tuesday- Another friend was staying with us and we got to go and walk downtown with Leeland in tow.  It was fun to walk around.. finish conversations and catch up. We then went to falls park and let the kids run around.  Leeland saw the water and immediately tried to take his shirt off and wanted to go for a swim.  Then we took a trolley ride around downtown.  It went well until the last stop and then Leeland thought he was done.

Fun at the Falls
Fun at the Falls

Wednesday- We went on errands together.. went to a few rummage sales ( I even found African Animals that went along with the theme of VBS)  … walmart run

Thursday-  Leeland and I had bible study. He was so tired that morning that he had already fallen asleep by 9 and slept for another half hour.

Friday- I tried to do as many odd errands as possible. We went to Sheels, Hobby Lobby, the Mall for another round of play, and back to the church for closing ceremony and picnic with Chris.


What a week! It was a ton of running but glad the girls went. We will enjoy this weekend catching up and being all together again!

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