The Dentist

We recently went to the Dentist with everyone. It was a three hour ordeal. However,  the girls did great and the dentist was so helpful at making it a great experience for the girls.  They even brought their paper toothbrushes that we made so they could have the Dentist sign them. Chris and I also had our teeth cleaned.  While I was sitting in the dentist chair I could not help but think about my dad.  I always seemed to go the dentist with dad.  My dad loved going to the dentist.  He loved just sitting and talking to the dentist while they did their job.  He loved connecting and talking with everyone he came in contact with.  I don’t know how dad talked so much while also getting his teeth cleaned -but he found a way.

While I was at the dentist I seemed to follow in his footsteps.  I talked to my hygienist.  We chatted about our kids, found out that we go swimming at the same swimming pool, and  they want to live on an acreage out in the country. At the end of the time … my teeth were clean, I made plans to go to my hygienist rummage sale and I got Chris a job fixing some of the cabinets at the dentists…… basically I had turned into my dad at the dentist.  It is fun to grow old and walk in the ways of our  parents, whether we plan to or not.

Oh dad… I miss you!!!!

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