Rummage sale apprentices

[I found this post the other day that never got published. I think it is appropriate now that rummage sale season is upon us. Now I have three little helpers and boy do they know how to hit a rummage sale! ]

Lillian has learned from a young age the beauty of a great rummage sale. Her mama has passed on the bug and is now stepping back to watch. Chris and I went out one night to the Kingwoods rummages in Sioux Falls. We weren’t really looking to buy so much because of the move but wanted to walk around. We must have gone to a dozen houses and we started to watch Lillian at each one.  She would hold my hand until we got to the driveway and then break. She would do a sweep  of the toys and the stuffed animal boxes.  Each rummage was the same and then we would move on. She never tried to get anything or put up a fuss. Then we went to the last one and I was about to go. Lillian was still looking through a box. Then she found it, a pink and green terry cloth Dora purse, with tags still on it.  She looked up at me and said, “I want this.” It was marked $3 but I gave Lil $2 and she asked the lady if she would take it! The deal was done and Lillian made her 1st of many rummage sale finds.

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