Leeland & Dad

My son and my dad  are very important guys  in my  life.  However, Leeland will only know my dad- here on Earth-through pictures and stories told by us.  Leeland was  born 6 months after my dad pasted away.  The other day while I was changing Leeland’s diaper thoughts of what would have been hit me.  Dad would have loved this little guy. He would have loved to take Leeland outside and show him the farm.  Dad would have loved that Leeland loved being outside so much.  Dad would have enjoyed throwing balls back and forth with him. Dad would have diligently brought up the boat for him to play with every time we got to Fairmont. He would then flip it over so that Leeland could go up and down the stairs as much as he liked.

Dad would have loved to tell everyone at church or on his errands about the new things his Grandson Leeland is doing.  Dad would be so proud.  Dad would have been excited that Leeland loves bible time and that he knows how to do our bible chant.  He would love to watch him dance and most likely have cranked up some Go Fish and danced along with him.

The other night I had a dream about Dad and he was swimming in a hotel pool and in my dream Leeland went and got to swim with Grandpa.  It’s kind of bitter sweet to think about the things that would have been and that these will not happen here on Earth.  However, I know that in Heaven that they will meet someday.  They will laugh, play, and they hug and get all of eternity to do so.

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