Maple Syrup Season- Year TWO


This is our second year taping our own tree sap from our Silver Maple Trees.  We are a little bit more Knowledgeable but are still learning.  Chris could probably write in more in depth about the evaporation process , and what he has built outside to boil off the sap water.  I might have him do that one of these days.  I just know it involves lots of firebricks and a steady stream of hard wood to feed the fire.

This season we have boiled off 180 gallons of tree sap coming from about 10 different trees. We have already noticed that the syrup is much darker than last year.  Probably because we didn’t get to start as early or go as long as last years season.  Last week was been great for sap flow.  It has to get below freezing at night and then warm up to about 40 or above during the day for a good flow to form. We collected about 20 gallons each night (by we I mean Chris driving the tractor out to with a 55 gallon barrel attached a pallet to collect all the sap/water)


The past two weekends  Chris has been diligently straining sap/water, keeping pans at a boil and slowing turning that sap/water into maple syrup.  However, all last Sunday and this Saturday Chris gained an apprentice.  Lillian spent most of the day with Dad outside keeping him company.  Through the wind and the cold she was constant.  It was fun to see her looking forward to that special time with Dad.

Highlights from our Maple Syrup Season

– Turning 180 gallons of Sap Water into about 5 gallons of Syrup

– Our Annual “picnic” by the evaporator

– Hot coco and soup to warm up with

– Learning about homemade Syrup

– 1st Tractor ride for Lillian and Norah

– Setting up a baby gate to try to keep Leeland away from the evaporator.

– Late night coffee and Pie by the fire





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