This Boy

This boy is 15 months old

This boy helped unpack all the groceries and carry them to where they needed to go

This boy likes to rub his belly button

This boy LOVES outside. He could just walk and walk and walk

This boy likes to be tickled and has the best laugh

This boy is starting to color and use the dot markers. His sisters are so proud

This boy thinks he can climb to the top of the swing set by himself. He shouldn’t, but does.

This boy is talking in his own language, however, we are starting to break the code and hear recognizable words.

This boy is making friends with our new kitty Gulliver

This boy is in a throwing stage, and throws everything. Not sure if this ever goes away

This boy loves swimming, He doesn’t want to be in his floaty tube anymore.

This boy tries to walk down stairs like everyone else, but ends up falling a lot

This boy’s hair is growing again and ready for another haircut

This boy is loves to dance and starts to dance when he hears our favorite songs

This boy leans in close when I say, “Give Mama a kiss”

This boy is strong. When he was playing with a toy that you push down and something pops up… He kept pushing it and made this straining sound. My friend said, “Wow, he’s strong I can hear his muscles.”

This boy know when we have bible time and does our bible chant and grabs a prayer stick out of the can.

This boy is sleeping now but when he wakes up he will move mountains.

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