Easter done differently



We make a big deal of Easter around here.  We do “Easter School” for the two weeks leading up to Easter. I wrap up Easter books that they get to open and read every day.  I want my girls to understand that Easter is a VERY big deal.  I am also always trying to point the kids to Jesus through all of the celebrating.

I am not a Easter Basket/bunny/ candy– hater. I love to get my kids surprises. However, every year I always struggle with waking up to the beauty that is Easter Sunday- celebrating the resurrected Christ- and then instead of the focus staying on Jesus- it turns inward to “What did I get in my Easter Basket?”, “Can I eat more candy?”. Knowing full well that I put those Easter  Baskets together and put all those candies in each egg, then being frustrated when my kids are fighting over toys and stuffing their face with candy, on Easter Sunday.

Hence, we are doing Easter a little differently this year.

(Below is a super wordy detail of our new Easter changes. This is more for anyone interested in doing the same and so I can remember what in the world I did when Easter come next year.  For less commitment feel free to skim and look at cute pictures!!!)

Change Number 1- “A different sort of Hunt” – We moved the Easter Egg Hunt to around the first day of spring.  We did ours yesterday when Chris got home.  First I sent the girls outside to pick up some rocks with their Easter Baskets.  Lillian’s face was not impressed. However, she played along and went and got rocks and brought them to the table.  Then we talked about out our sins and the things that we struggled with.  This was a bit harder and Norah didn’t always get it.  Once I talked about what virtues that we have a hard time doing , this helped. Chris and I wrote sins/struggles too.  We put our rock sins in a bowl and got ready for supper.  The girls were sad, Norah pouted and cried, that we weren’t going to do the Egg Hunt that moment.  I thought it was good to let that lesson sink in. While we were getting ready for supper I put some red ribbon over the rocks and wrote the name of Jesus on a card and put it on the rocks. At supper we talked about what had happened and what Jesus did for us at Easter.

Change Number 2 – “Less Candy more purpose”- After supper Chris hid eggs, It’s one of his special talents, and the kids went out to find them. This year to help with the whole bag of candy problem that I always have, I got TOOB little creatures to put in the eggs. Norah got  birds and flowers because she has informed me that when she grows up she is going to be a bird watcher. Lillian had flowers and butterflies.  Not all of the items fit in the eggs, I could have bought bigger Eggs but I just taped them and they were fine.  They each got 4 eggs with some goldfish and M&M’s in them.  Leeland  had all goldfish and M&M’s. (I think next year I will probably just do little TOOB creatures and skip the candy all together.)

 Change Number 3-  ” Spring & New Life Family Basket”- The last big change was moving Easter Baskets from Easter Sunday to around the first day of Spring.  I also made one giant family basket instead individual kid baskets.  This helped cut down on getting little stuff and we could do bigger family gifts that everyone could enjoy together.  I also included lots of scripture attached to the items in the box.  I tried to get things that we could use in our Easter school, talk about new life, spring and point our kids to Jesus.  Granted there was some nail polish and a tractor that snuck in…but everything else seemed to stay with the theme. This year our Spring basket included:

Painted Lady Caterpillars (Yep Amazon carries them too)- Verse ” Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new Creature the old is gone, Behold , new things have come” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Easter Sticker Book & JellyBean prayers Color book.   Verse “and Lillian & Norah increased in Wisdom & Stature” Luke 2:52.

What’s in the Bible #10 Jesus is the Goodnews  & another DVD I found at a Rummage  -Verse ” Behold! The Lamb of God!” John 1:29

Build a bouquet ( Big hit with the girls) – Verse “Look at the lilies! They don’t toil or spin and yet Solomon in all his glory was not robed as well as they are. ” Luke 12:27

– A bag for each member in the family of Puppy chow! -Verse ” How Sweet are your words to my taste! Psalm 119:103

I hope this gives some good ideas for anyone wanting to try Easter a bit different, so that you too can help point everything back to Jesus! Happy Easter

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