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First Haircuts


I remember the girls first haircuts.  Lillian was about 2 1/2 and  we had recently moved to our current house.  Our hair dresser Brittani came  to our house and cut her hair right on the deck.


Norah  was about 2 1/2 as well. She didn’t really want to get her hair cut because she wanted long hair like Lillian. But she was a trooper and looked cute in her little pixie cut.  Kaye did a great job. Now Norah’s hair can fit into two cute braids. She looks so grown up lately!


Leeland got his first haircut at 14 months last month. In my opinion he was getting a bit” homely” looking with all the puffy hair.  Kay, again did a great job. Leeland was pretty quiet during the first part of the haircut and only jerked away a few times.  Wow, does that make him look like  a big boy!

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