The homemade Fairy House

DSC_0017 (2)_3583
Fairies from left to right (Anna, Lilac, Elsa, Lily, Dad, Kelsie, Ashley)

For a good two weeks the Maloney’s were sick… we had colds, we had the dreaded stomach flu, I got a serious Mastitis infection and there was much coughing and general lethargicness.  We watched  videos upon videos. Lillian asked one day, “What are we doing today?” my answer was -survive.  We are now on the other side of the sickness.. we hope! Being on the other side of sickness  I have noticed that the 1st desire that comes after sickness wipes through your days – is the desire to create.  I believe that God created us to be creative.

So on Sunday after a much needed Grocery trip to the store. I picked up a few supplies to CREATE something.  Something new, something homemade, something fun.  We spent about 2 hours Sunday afternoon making Fairies out of clothes pins, hot glue, silk flowers, and sequins. I made a few examples during naptime and then the girls got to design their own.  Lillian wanted to make a Fairy Daddy as well.  When we were done the girls played and pretended.  It wasn’t long that they were thinking of a Fairy house for their fairies.  Lillian used to have a Fairy Garden but my non green house thumb has long past killed that garden.

I jumped on Pinterest and soon saw the Fairy treehouse of my creative dreams!  It was big.. it was made of cardboard and it was perfect.  I started collecting cardboard and Chris helped me assemble.  The tree house legs are about 3 feet tall and the 4 circle are the size of my IKEA take a break rugs.

The next day the girls painted for more than an hour.  The morning after that I painted Mod Podge over all the paint because it was flaking everywhere.  It has a little stability issues but it did the job. We were creative. We made it ourselves. We had fun.

3 thoughts on “The homemade Fairy House”

  1. I love this!! So fun! I have a ballerina ornament I made when I was younger. I will have to show the girls next Christmas…

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