DSC_0009 (2)_3313 

Ever since Leeland has learned to crawl he has been a BIG fan of the stairs.   Let’s put it this way…. if it has wheels he will push it … if it’s round he’ll throw it and if it’s flight of stairs, as someone put it so well, he will adopted it and take it home to live with us .  Many times when he first started learning how to climb them he would go over to the stairs, turn around and look at me, and smile, then proceed to climb them. One day I couldn’t find him on the main level. I called and called for him but no answer. I finally when to the stairs and called, “Leeland.” Then his cute little head popped out looking at me from the top of the stairs.  He gave me the biggest, “I did it grin!” Ever since that day I have wanted to get some pictures to recreate that moment. Not that I have to have pictures of everything that happens (because reality is – I don’t). However,  I wanted to get the big things and for Leeland climbing and that smile are his big things.

Fast forward a months and we are at my moms for Christmas.  There are lots of people around and one morning Leeland starts playing on the stairs.  I grab my camera, and get to watch this little guy in action….


DSC_0010_ (2)2972

DSC_0011 (3)_2974 DSC_0014 3 DSC_0109 (2)


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