Good Morning

Today was one of those mornings that hasn’t happened to me in over a year.  Mr. Leeland slept until 4:30 this a.m.  Then I fed him and he slept until 7:30 a.m. This is about as good as it gets for this mommy of three.  He went back to sleep about 5:15 and I was up. I wrote and finished emails, I was up before both my daughters (which is a feat in itself), I greeted them good morning in a pleasant tone (instead of my usual sleep deprived morning voice),  I made banana and pb mini muffins for breakfast ( and even though Norah refused to eat one even before they were done baking) she, Lillian, Leeland and I managed to down almost the entire tray, while we were eating we skyped my mom and talked, … it was a Good Morning….


Yesterday, we started reading “These Happy Golden Years” by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She writes about a period of her life where she first becomes a teacher and she has to stay with a very unhappy, unwelcoming family.  She write about how “The stove was red now and the whole room was warm, but it seemed bleak, Nothing but short, necessary words were said at the breakfast table.” Then she gets to go home for the weekend and this is the passage that stuck with me.

“Good morning!” Carrie said from her bed, and Grace bounced up and cried, “Good morning, Laura!” “good morning.” Ma smiled when Laura entered the kitchen ,  and Pa came in with the milk and said, “Good morning, flutterbudget!” Laura had never noticed before that saying, “Good morning,” made  the morning good. 

So when the other normal mornings come and go I’m going to CHOOSE to say good morning and make the morning good.

Yesterday I also captured Norah and Leeland dancing and to what song do you ask?  Good Morning by Mandisa.  I think this is going to be added to our dance party mix! (hopefully this link works!)

So I challenge you…  Good Morning


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