Dearest Leeland,

I’m not sure when it happened but during the last 12 months you went from being a tiny baby to a little boy.  My precious boy you are such a joyful delight.  As I put up pictures of you for your party I smile and see how you have grown.

It started when you rolled back and forth when you were only 4 months.


But you were not content to be still and soon you were crawling at 7 months. You crawled with incredible speed and wanted to catch up with everyone around you.  I love when you crawled around the house with a toy in your hand. It made the most interesting sound.


I think the thing that turned you in to a baby to a boy super fast is your love for food.  I don’t think I even have very many pictures of you eating because it’s hard to keep your little mouth full.  Favorite foods include:bread, cheerios, bananas, sweets, oranges, crackers, and yogurt.


In the last month you have added walking to your list of accomplishments.  To your delight you can now walk around the house.  Chasing after those busy sisters’ of yours.  You also crawl up onto furniture so you can sit on the “big chairs” too.  DSC_0155_2959

You have started to communicate with us- mainly through grunts, pointing fingers and sounds.  You do shake your head “no” when you don’t want something.  We have even witnessed a few “fits” when something gets taken away or you are told “no”. (I guess that it does start this early)

We are excited to celebrate a very FULL year of life today!  A year of firsts, a year of learning, and a year of life blessed by God.

I love you my boy!




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