Wilken’s Work Weekend

DSC_0021 (2)_2931

Last year was the first fall without Dad and we noticed that there was lots of things that needed to get done around the Farm.  We picked a weekend where we got do outside projects such as – leaf raking, garden tilling, and putting away outside things.  This year a part of the Wilken clan met to tackle just these things.  We do them in a different way, different from dad.


Dad would spend weeks hand raking the back yard and putting all the leafs in a big refrigerator box. Bryan got some new implements that pull behind the mower and the Rhino and we did it all in about 3 hours. I was using one of dad’s rakes that he had ducked taped together. It broke within 5 minutes of starting.  Oh Dad.

DSC_0024 (2)_2934 DSC_0026_2936

Dad would hand pull out about 100 fence posts that were around the tomato plants. We used the forks on the bob cat to pop them out of the ground -about 10 minutes.

DSC_0027 (2)_2937

Yes, we did things a little different but we all did something that Dad always did- WORKED HARD. We laughed, we enjoyed being a family that comes together to help each other out.

We also had time to go and pick some apples for free a  local Orchard.  A family friend who runs it, also a widow in the last year, invited us out to pick as many apples as we wanted.  We were blessed by her generosity.  It was a reminder that we are not the only ones that are missing a Dad.  However, God is good- He is God- and we are His.


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