10 Months Old

DSC_0294_2839 Dear Leeland, You are 10 months old.  Every time I write one of these letters I think how close you are to being 1 year old. I want to write 10 fun facts about you!

1. Your almost famous hair that has been sticking up in a cool little Moe hock for sometime now is starting to lay down. Your hair is growing long and is almost too heavy to stand up on end.  Everyone seems to be drawn to your hear. People at the mall, the cashier at McDonalds,  your cousin Anne. One time when you were in the bathtub your hair was wet and Norah said, “Leeland’s hair looks funny!” after I stuck it up again she said, “That looks better.”

2.  You have exactly 1 tooth.  I’m sure that you are working on many more but for now you have one very sharp tooth on the bottom.  It look a lot of drool and restless nights to bring that tooth forth.

3.  You love FOOD. You already have surpassed your sisters’ weight at the 10 month point.  You get excited when you see any sort of food devises: spoons, plates, forks, your highchair and especially the Cheerios container.  Your arms start to do circles and your feet move around and you make lots of excited noises.  You love to pick up the food by yourself because mom just can’t feed you fast enough.  You also like the food pouches you can suck on. You can down one of those in less than a few minutes.

4.  You enjoy your wagon rides outside. You ride with me to the garden, to get the mail, to get eggs and down the driveways.  You like to look around at the chickens and you get very excited if Hunter, the cat, comes your way.

5.  You can say dada, and you just added Mama to you list of sounds. You also still do your “ohhh”, and “ahh” sounds. The one sound that gets the most attention, which is probably why you do it, is your “Tyradatyle ” sound. It is earn piercing and makes everyone look your way.

6.  You like to take things out and drop them in. For example: drop items in the garbage cans, take laundry out of the basket, you also like to put in all the little animals in Noah’s ark.

7. You are very perseverant.  You  keep working on something until you figure it out. You don’t get frustrated very often. You were hanging on the lamp base and we blocked your path , you just went around the other way.

8.  You like to crawl and push something with one hand at the same time. It makes such a fun noise,

9.  You can do a whole flight of stairs in about 1 minute.

10. Your family loves you to pieces!!!!



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