Our Favorite Zoo


We wanted to do a little last minute trip to our favorite Zoo, the Omaha Zoo.  I thought it would be fun to keep this fun field trip a secret.  This is not an easy feat with all those tiny listening ears.  However, we did manage to pull it off. I didn’t even lose too much of my cool when the hotel we had reservations at called the morning of and said that their pool was such down.  We had to switch to a different hotel last moment but was very fun.  It had a little water park, pool and little whirl pool that Lillian loved. Leeland hung out with Mommy most of the time and Norah loved the big hot tub.  The next day we headed to the zoo.  It was a full full day.  It was definitely on the cold side and very windy.  However, the upside to cold weather is that the crowds are small.  This zoo is awesome because it has so many inside buildings you can go in.

One of our favorites was the Desert dome.  It was warm and no one but I had been in that building before.  While we were looking at the animals and talking about what country they came from Lillian asked me this question.  “Mom can we learn about countries and animals? I just don’t know all of them?” I love how real life experiences bring for the love of learning and spring boards you into exciting new school projects.

The rest of the day we spent learning about new animals. The penguins and aquarium were a huge hit.  Leeland liked to get out an crawl around, after being a total rock star throughout most of the day.  Norah ended up passing out in the stroller until we took a tram to the top of the hill at the end of the day.  The tram totally brought me back to my family trips to Disney world.  Don’t know if the Maloney’s are ready for that yet?


Looks like we will be back in about 2 years to see their new African Animals exhibit! Leeland will likely be running around and giving those animals a run for their money!

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