9 Months Old

Dear Leeland,

You are nine months old today.  When I took pictures of you yesterday you looked like such a big boy. Here is mommy’s little list of the things that make you Mommy’s big boy:

  • You are wearing baseball caps and shirts that don’t button between the legs
  • When I say, “give me a high five” in the swing you hold out your hand to touch mine
  • You eat like a big boy.  You have started to eat Cheerios by the handful and even throw a fit if you don’t get those first.
  • You explore the house and the world around you.  The chickens and hunter make you pretty excited.
  • You went to Moppets at MOPS and did great for 2 hours. You even took a nap.
  • You are starting to get your two bottom teeth.
  • You are saying, “daddadad” and “MMMMMMM”
  • You know when we are somewhere new
  • You ride in the wagon down the driveway

However, you are still my little guy in so many ways:

  • You still fall asleep in the carseat and sleep through storytime at the library.
  • You still have footie pajamas
  • You take two naps a day (one still with mommy in the chair)
  • Your hair is still fluffy and sticking out all over
  • You mostly like to be by mommy
  • You are my youngest and will always be my little guy!


Your Mommy

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