Happy 5th Birthday Lillian!


Dear Lillian,

Today is the day you have been waiting for since you turned 4 years old last year. This is the day that you have been asking about and counting down with your fingers.  You are officially 5 years old.  You woke up with a huge smile and a birthday breakfast of surprise cinnamon rolls.  It’s getting harder to surprise you because you wanted to plan most of your birthday party.

Dad and I have been trying to shrink you down a bit because you are getting too  tall and so mature.  You are my big Kindergarten girl.  You love to look at books and read to your sister, even though you say that you are just making up the words.  You get the biggest smiles from Leeland.  This morning he just kept smiling at you during breakfast.  You said, that his smiles were his birthday present to you.

You are still small enough to want to crawl in to bed with me in the morning, snuggle on mom and dad’s lap during a movie and be tickled by dad when he comes home. However, you are big enough to make a peanut butter sandwiches all by yourself for lunch, big enough to ask dad how his day was at work, and big enough to help entertain Leeland in the family room by yourself.

You love to Learn. My prayer for you as your Mom and your teacher is that you always “LEARN WITH JOY”. Learn how to read, how to write, how to to be content, and how to Learn more about God with lots of JOY.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Lillian Louise!


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