8 Years and 1 Day


I heard on the radio the other day, ” That someone that loves you at 6 a.m. in the morning-without all the makeup, primping, and fuss- really loves who you are and all you are.” 6 a.m. love is the reality of love in marriage (although Chris is often gone way before the six o’clock hour)..  It got me thinking about all the other kind of things that in 8 years of life Loves you through situations…. (here is what I came up with)

8 years of life- loves you through…

– a California Queen bed that always seems to have extra little ones sleeping around you in the morning

– allowing me to stay at home and school our kids

– constantly helps me with computer projects for MOPS, School and whenever I can’t make it do what I want

– about 15-20 weeks of  -lay on your back, throwing up, all day sickness- with each pregnancy 

– being on the same page as a parent. Taking the time now to train our children in the way they should go

– encouraging texts through the day and also texts that say ,” Please let the chickens out.”

– moving the family from the city to the country knowing that this is going to be the best for our family.

– always being willing to talk me through a situation that seems bleak, frustrating or hard.

– loving God first

-being the “process” in my “brute force moments”

– my favorite quote by Julia Child , “you are the bread to my butter and the breath to my life!

Happy 8 Years and 1 Day!

I love you!


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