Leeland is E I G H T months


Dear Leeland,

You are eight months old and growing as much as the weeds outside.  What huge gains you have made lately.   You are pulling yourself up to a standing position. After you mastered that you have been trying to stand with only one hand.  The only problem is that you can’t always figure out how to sit down.  One time you pulled yourself up to a step stool and then proceeded to “beach” yourself on top. It was pretty fun.  You have also started to climb steps.  You like to go up one step and then turn around and smile. You want to make sure everyone is watching your new achievement.

Your hair is still in it’s natural upward position. Everyone at the Martin County Fair got a big kick out of your hair style.  You love laughing at your sisters and they like to get you inside their playhouses to play with you.  You know go out for wagon rides to the garden. You try to eat leaves, grass and little rocks.  You like to eat pretty much everything. I have pulled more than a few leaves out of your mouth.

You are a pretty noisy eater.  You enjoy the process, although Mommy doesn’t ever seem to go fast enough for you.  You even started drinking from a tilty cup the other day.  You seemed very satisfied.  Your hands move in these little circles and get pretty excited for the next bite!

We love you so much and you are such a joy.  Mommy loves to hold you and rock you still when you let me!

Always yours,


Here is a little collage of some of my favorites!

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