T H R E E Parties for the Big T H R E E



Norah is officially three! I don’t know that there is much better than a 3 year old birthday party?  There is cupcakes, and ice cream, bubbles, stickers and the smiles galore! Norah was so lucky that we got to celebrate 3 times. 1st we celebrated with the Maloney crew up at the cabin on the 5th of July. It was hot- so good thing we planned on ice cream cake.  Whenever I would mention her ice cream cake she kept on saying, ” I want a princess cake!” Ummm…  a quick stop at the bakery in Coborns helped us out in that department.

DSC_0160_2582 DSC_0158_2581

Probably one  my favorite moments is when she opened up her musical card from Grandma Maloney. Lillian had got a musical card last year and it was a huge hit.  It has been played so much and still keeps on playing.  When Norah opened her card she was so excited and gave Grandma the sweetest smile.


Everyone laughed and enjoyed  Norah just being Norah. She was so excited for each present and that all her “people” were there.  She kept saying, ” Oh I love it!”



On her actual birthday we celebrated at Emmaville, Norah’s favorite place to eat by the cabin. She got to blow out her candle on a big cinnamon roll! We got to go fishing and have a picnic out on the lake in the boat.  It was a beautiful day for a birthday!


Norah’s last and final party was at my sister Heidi’s house.  We hadn’t got to see her new house yet to we had a party on location. In fact, I managed to not have to clean my house for any of the parties.  At this point Lillian made it clear that it would be much “easier” if Norah would just have one party where everyone would come to.  Mom, the Hawkins and Ashley and Laura made it to this party.  If I had to title the party, I would call it ”  Norah and the Goats!” She was in the goat pen and enjoyed walking on the goat boards.  She also was blessed with lots of bubbles, cute clothes and her 1st back pack!

Happy 3rd birthday Norah! May this year  be a year of learning, growing, joy, laughter and lots of love!



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