S I X & S E V E N months


Dear Leeland,

How can it be that you are already 7 months old?  Where does the months go?  Well at least you have lots to show for it.  Within the last two days you have gone from army crawling. and sitting up and rolling to full blown crawling.  Not just crawling to get to “that toy” but crawling from room to room.  Crawling after mommy and yes, crying and crawling after mommy ( a personal favorite).  You seems to think that this mobility is the natural next stage but I don’t think mommy was ready for it.

Since you are so active you have also started needing an increase of food to keep up with all your new movement.  You started eating anything and everything about 3 weeks ago. So far you have enjoyed: rice cereal, bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, corn,blueberries and  avocado. You truly amaze me.  From first bite you enjoyed it. I described your waving arms, happy noises, and excitement when you see food. She called it the ” Happy food Dance!” Yes, that is exactly what it is!

Sadly you are not napping the same time as the girls so we miss out on snuggle time- sleeping in general is lacking! However, you are a very happy boy so one cannot complain too much.
I do love making you laugh and kissing you around your neck!  Lillian can always make you laugh and giggle.  We  look forward many more movements,  many more new things, and much more fun Leeland moments!

Love you,


p.s. “7 Things I love you about!”

1. I love your fluffy hair

2.  Your happy food dance

3.  Your piercing blue eyes

4. Your harty giggle

5.  the way you shake your head “no”. Yes, I love it now… in a few months though I might regret saying this!

6.  Watching you watch your sisters!

7.  Your kissable skin!

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