Fresh Strawberries are an excuse to make cake!

DSC_0045_2574  DSC_0049_2577

Last week we went to our favorite Strawberry Field to do U-Pick strawberries.  Unfortunately the berries were a bit  soft and small due to lots of rain while they were ripening.  We did manage to get 2 gallon buckets full. However, in the craziness of picking… no pictures this year. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the fact that you 6 month old is passed out in the carseat for an hour for you to pick strawberries and not lose any time taking pictures.  The girls did really good this year and $1.75 a pound isn’t bad.  We love strawberry picking because it’s just really an excuse to make yummy desserts, scones and jams.  That is just what we did.  Joy the baker makes this yummy Strawberry scone recipe. Pioneer woman made this awesome Chocolate cake and strawberries recipe. Then we ended up canning 14.5 pints of strawberry jam! Not a bad week in strawberry land!


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