Meeting Peter


My nephew Peter James was born on June 18th and is 6 months younger than Leeland.  We had just been to Fairmont two days before he was born and so were not able to go and see him in the hospital when he was born. I had to wait 2 long weeks to hold that sweet little 6 lb 4 ounce sweetie! We decided to get a hotel in Albert Lea so that the kids could swim and they just get so darn excited to go to hotels.  Leeland had his first experience with being in a pool. I didn’t have high hopes because he usually screams in the bath tub. However, the didn’t mind the pool too much, especially since it was warm.  Lillian wanted to try swimming with out a life jacket and is doing pretty good.  Anne liked to walk around the pool and do her laps.   Molly even let the girls hold Peter in their swimsuits  … they just couldn’t wait  until they changed.

On Saturday Morning we swam and hung out in the hotel and watched as 5 little people roamed around the room! It was quite the sight! We are excited to have another little addition to the Wilken Family!

DSC_0139_2561 DSC_0143_2565





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