It has been 6 months now of having 3 kids and after 2 plus year of saying, “the girls”… I think I have finally transitioned to say, “The kids.”  I’m blessed by this little ragamuffin group.  I thought today I would reflect on some things that you might not know about each one.


Leeland is….

army crawing fast across the floor when he sees something he wants (which is pretty much anything on the floor)

trying to be attached to mommy has much as possible lately especially at night

making spitting noises with his mouth currently in the swing.

in the 10th percentile of weight (only 14 lbs 5 ounces) and 70 percentile for length (27 inches)

loves swinging and being outside!

happy.. but I think most of you all know that already!


Norah is…..

going to turn 3 after her birthday (she says that statement at least one time a day

thinks that slides in the water park are “too wet”  and she would not go down them.

often thought of as older than a two year old (at least she is mature some of the time).

always singing. She pretty much is always making up songs or some tunes.  I think she thinks that her life is a musical 🙂

thoughtful. For almost 2 months she split an m-&-m with her teeth and shared half with her sister when she got one for going potty.


Lillian is….

a little monkey on the swingset. She has figured out how to do the monkey bars all by herself.

always writing notes to people.  Her favorite thing to do is take an old roll of fax paper and make drawings and writings on them.

starting to go (and like) Sunday School at Church.

always laying her clothes out for what she is going to wear tomorrow.  Sometimes she is already dressed in her skirt and shirt before I wake up!

dry at night has been wearing underware for 3 weeks! ( YIPPEE one out of pull-ups!)

loving. She always gives kisses and hugs to everyone in the family to make them feel loved!



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