Again Soon

DSC_0014 (2)_2433 DSC_0022 (2)_2441

I can’t believe that how fast this month of June is going. The kids and I are in full blown summer mode and are enjoying the outside in between stormy days.  However, having three little ones does not allow for a lot blogging time. I found these fun Cabin pictures from memorial day had to post them, for soon we will be back again!  Back to the lake, fishing with the kids, nature walks and fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

We enjoyed the beautiful memorial weather pre mosquitos. The last day they did start to swarm.  When an aunt asked Lillian if she saw any animals her response was, “Yes, Mosquitos!”

The girls enjoyed picking and floating beautiful little violets in glasses.  What a great way to display the tiny little flowers!

DSC_0083_2488 DSC_0064_2475

Chris and the kids were anxious to go out in the boat and fish. It went pretty good.  The big news from the lake was that Lillian used a big pole, without a bobber and caste by herself! She was so proud! No fish on the other end of the line yet but the summer is still young.

In response to all the other normal cabin activities- it’s yes!

Yes, there was trips to Emmaville!

Yes, there was ice cream!

Yes, there was rummage sailing for Chris, Me, Norah and Leeland!

Yes, we will be back soon!


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