Time with Friends!

Over the last few months I have had the chance to hang out with a couple of good friends for multiple days! What a treat. For my guests they get a crash course in life with three busy kids and being a part of the Maloney family.  My girls think that they have just received a new personal playmate for their total enjoyment!  In March Tasha came to visit and we spent the days reading books, playing, and a few precious hours of shopping and a yummy lunch date. I think Tasha might have even went home a little weak in the voice from all the books she read to my girls.  Then in May my friend Megan joined us to a trip up to the Maloney cabin.  It was cool but so enjoyable.  Our days were filled with food, puzzles, games, nature walks and laughter. We even watched a eagle up close, building a nest and taking flight!  I am so blessed to have life long friends who grow with you and love my kiddos like their own! Love you Tasha and Meg!

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