Mothers Day Traditon!


I can often remember Mother’s Day as a child and one particular tradition has always stuck out more than the rest- The Mother’s Day Corsage.  I remember my mom making corsages for herself and my grandmothers.  I always saw her doing that as a way of honoring the women and moms that came before her.  Mom would often have a corsage made up the day before and then wear it to church on Sunday.  I have had it in my head that I was going to make a corsage this year and one for my mother-in-law.  I brought the kids with me to help pick out the flowers and in less than 1 hour I had completed two! I suppose you get faster with practice but these were my 1st attempt.  I loved wearing the living bouquet and the smelling it’s wonderful aroma.  One of the sweetest things that happened was talking to a lady at church about the corsage. She smiled and said that it reminded her of her mom that had passed away 14 years ago.  She said, “It wasn’t Mother’s Day until my mom put on that corsage!”


A Morning in the Life of a REAL Mother!

6:30 am- Awake with Lillian already crawling in to bed- Chris tells Lillian to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day- which she does!

6:32 – Norah awakes- Chris tells Norah to Wish me Happy Mother’s Day- Which she doesn’t

6:45- Mommy gets ready- Leeland still asleep

7:00- Videos for the girls and we all get ready for church

7:46- Breakfast of yummy frozen Chocolate Pastry

7:49-8:05- Norah crying over her violets that I threw out of the vase. She said that daddy smushed them and that they melted. Cried for a long time.

8:17- Leave for church (should have left at 8:10)

8:41- Arrive at church that starts at 8:30- realize that I forgot the church bag that keeps the girls occupied during the service

8:45- Wish Grandma Maloney a Happy Mother’s Day and pin on her corsage

9:00-10:30- Sit in church, take kids to bathroom and drinking fountain, feed Leeland- occupy them without books or any sort of tricks…..


— I could go on but you kind of get the point.  I say that after you have kids that they make you earn your Mother’s Day (with each fight and crying and incident that happens!) Motherhood his filled with Highs and Lows.  It’s not always easy but I wouldn’t choose anything different.  I think Lillian said it best, ” Mom, I love you even on Mother’s Day!”


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