Morning Devotions


On Thursday, April 10th we were reading some Easter books for our morning devotions. We come to the part of the book where it talks about Jesus dying on the cross so that someday we can go to heaven we die.  Norah asked, “Does everyone go to heaven?” I responded that you have to have Jesus in your heart to go to heaven.  Lillian piped up quickly that she had Jesus in her heart and Norah said that she didn’t.  I asked if she would like to have Jesus come and live in her heart and she almost immediately started praying.  Norah asked Jesus to come live in her heart so that she the Eagles could take her heaven (not yet I said).   Norah’s smile after the prayer was classic Norah- full of joy! Our prayer for Norah is that she has a deep relationship with Jesus, the word of God hidden in her heart and becomes a powerful witness to everyone that she meets!

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