T H R E E months

Three Months Old- Resting on Quilt made form Mommy and Grandma Wilken
Three Months Old- Resting on Quilt made form Mommy and Grandma Wilken

Dear Leeland,

You are already 3 months old and 1 week. It is getting harder to steal way time to write you these little notes.  I had a friend write me that “your life is busy but very good.” I would say that pretty much sums up our life right now, busy but good!  You are already getting into a sort of routine.  You sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours at night. You wake up hungry, you burp and then fill you diaper.  After that is all said and done you are the happiest baby in the morning.  You smile and giggle and give us the cutest looks.

After holding you everyone always comments about how strong you are. It won’t be long before you are rolling over and crawling.  You can hold your head up pretty good. Sometimes it bounces like a bobble doll because you want to hold it up for so long. Windows, ceiling fans and mobiles always catch your attention. You could stare at them for a very long time.

You are growing out of all your 0-3 months and 3 months clothes.  Soon it’s on to shorts and swimsuits for you.  Your hair is almost always in a faux halk.  But there is much less hair lately because you rubbed off a bunch in the back and your little head is grown bigger.  You blue eyes are still as bright as ever.

You had your 1st night away from Mommy.  You were a good little boy and drank from your bottle with little to no fuss.  You are pretty easy going and still enjoy our mommy and Leeland time in the afternoon. You are starting to watch you sisters as they run and play around.  They often comment about how much they love their little brother!

Things I treasure about you right now- Your ease of life, your baby smile, your huhu laugh, your beautiful completion, your ability to sleep through chaos and noise, your long sleeps at night, your long fingers and toes and you soft skin!

Keep growing strong!




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