Spring Break in Minnesota

At the beginning of March the kids and I traveled to Fairmont to have a nice “Spring” break in the cold of Minnesota.  My sister, brother-in-law and cutie Niece were also there. It was fun to have the little girls play together and watch them interact. We don’t always just have the little cousins by ourselves and so it was fun to do some activities that were just geared for todders.

The first night we were there we went swimming at the hotel pool.  The Wilken way is swim until complete exhaustion. Mission complete!  Four hours later this is what Lillian looked like.  They must have jumped off the side of the pool 60 times. 

DSC_0010_2056The second day we were there we took a little field trip to a family friends farm to see their cows and cats.  I love that it doesn’t take much to get kids excited or entertain them. Lillian was brave with Anne and stood in the feeding ledge.  Norah wanted to have a little distance. Norah did however love feeding that cats.  Leeland enjoyed a nice nap in the car and even slept while we had lunch.  What a treat for mommy!

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Becky had supper with us and played with the kids.  Bryan even took the girls on their first snow mobile ride.  Lillian was a bit scared at first and then Norah went on.  Lillian decided that she wanted to go again and even wore the helmet. What special memories!

There was also lots of fun play with Grandma, reading and school time with Aunt Molly and we ended the few days with home made gram cracker smores by the fire! What a great Spring Break!


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