Life of a Big Sister- Take T W O

DSC_0003 (3)_1909

 Norah has been a very loving sister toward Leeland. She has been super protective.  If anyone is around Leeland she says, “That’s my Leeland Maxwell.”  She likes to hold him for a short amount of time.  We also call her the pacifier Monitor and if she hears so much as a peep she says, “Leeland needs his Pacifier and tries to put it in his mouth.”  She also graciously said that she would babysit Leeland’s pooh bear until he can hold him.  She has also started naming her baby dolly Leeland.  She calls the dolly little Leeland. She is also the most excited whenever she sees his eyes open from a nap.   Norah is filling the role of big sister very well!

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