There was a Wedding in Tea… and Jesus was There!

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My grandma Mary made wedding banners once that said, “There was a Wedding in Cana and Jesus was there… There is a Wedding today and Jesus is here!” I always like thinking about that. It makes me see that Jesus is present in this beautiful union we call Marriage.  On February 14th the Wilken Clan got just a little bit bigger.  I gained a Brother-in-Law (Mike), the girls gained three new cousins- Zach, Logan and Maddie! My sister was the beautiful Bride.   Lillian was in 7th Heaven being a little flower girl and within inches of Heidi almost the entire time. There is something about little girls and brides they just go together.  It was truly a family affair from start to finish.  It was a Wedding dad would have loved and talked about for weeks afterwards to everyone around the town of Fairmont- from the bank teller to his entire home church congregation. He would say things like, “Did you know that Mike cut and made all the wood decorations for the whole wedding? Wow, that DJ did a great job at the dance! There was just the right amount of food.  Yep, this was the last Wilken wedding- my kids are all married. ”   I kept seeing visions of him at the wedding.  Certain songs at the dance just made me think of dad.  I was doing pretty good and keeping it together but the darn Hokie Pokie got me.  I could see my dad’s big smile- his slightly awkward dance moves- this loud and energetic voice singing along.  I don’t know if anyone has really ever cried at that song but I guess there is a first for everything.  That’s the thing about grief and losing a loved one you really never know when it’s going to get you.  We are excited to move forward with this full family that only keeps growing and growing. I am blessed… Congrats Heidi and Mike!

The Wedding Pictures

The Dancing Pictures

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