T W O Months


Dear Leeland,

Oh how fast the time goes.  You are such a bundle of joy in our lives.  You have started to smile and even laugh.  Your smile lights up your whole face.

A typical day for you right now looks like the following:
Sleep 3 hours at a time- the most you’ve slept is 6 hourswalk up between the hours of 5-6
Diaper Change
Go back to sleep either in the bed or in the swing
The next few hours include: eating and sleeping and watching the world around him
after lunch mommy and Leeland snuggle and cuddle until his sisters wake up
more diaper changes and eating
a bit of a fussy period before and during supper
then snuggle time with daddy
bedtime- where we stare at you and how you’ve grown
Repeat again tomorrow

You are really liking to watch the mobile in the crib. Oh how you kick your legs and move your arms. You also like to lay on your activity mat for as much as 15 minutes. Tummy time doesn’t really seems to interest you.  You love you eat and will nurse anywhere. Often you will eat until overfilling.   You  have found a new love … a pacifier.  It seems to have helped with your constant desire to suck.
You have already got on trips to the library, MOPS, been to your first wedding, and a trip to Fairmont with Mom.  You are pretty laid back and we adore you. You have already changed our family so much and we don’t remember life without you.

Love,Your Mommy


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