O N E month

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Dearest Leeland,

My little newborn is already 1 month old.  How those first few weeks go so fast.  You have already brought so much joy into our family. It’s hard to remember what our family was like without you.  We love your name and it’s fun to hear it, say it and see it in writing. Your days are filled with naps, eating, diaper changes and then repeat!  We still are not sure what color your hair is. Your eye brows are light so you might be a little blondie like Lillian.  Your eyes are looking more and more blue each day.  Everyone loves to look at all your funny faces you make. You are starting to study everyone that holds you.  Your first non sleepy smile was on January 13th.  You smiled at me in the morning, then Grandma Wilken got a little smile and you saved the biggest and longest one for Lillian.

Your sisters are very protective of you. At MOPS they watch your carseat like little guards.  They still love holding you at every chance they get.  They are also very interested in your eating.  They both refer to nursing as “milk’in” . As in, “Is he almost done “milk’in”? Mommy doesn’t always enjoy this term.  When you cry Lillian says, “Oh, he needs some love.”  When you cuddle on Lillian she says, “Oh, he’s showing me love!”

You enjoy being carried in the Moby wrap. It’s very womb like and I think that is why you like it. You like the bouncing seat and can sleep pretty well in it for naps during the day.  At night you eat every 2-3 hours. Not bad….and have even at a stretch as long as 6 hours.  WOW! It only happened once but mommy and daddy were very thankful.

We are excited to see what having a little boy in the house is all about!
love you lots,

Your Mama

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