Newborn days

DSC_0026_1409This poem was written by my Mom after I was born.  I love how it captures all the excitement of having a newborn! I found it while looking at my baby scrapbook in search of who Leeland looks like!  Love you Mom.

We have a newborn in the house again.
The familiar sights, the smells & the sounds are all here.
What a privilege it is to be a part of this masterpiece.
Newborns grow too quickly. I want to hold on to each
moment, each hour, and each day. I must store each
precious memory deep within to bring out some other day
when things seem so routine and ordinary.

But for now-a certain excitement pervades each moment
of each day.  My senses are quickened and my love for
each family members renewed and deepened.  Life is a
precious gift from God- I am humbled by his great power.


What a marvel the newborn is-master of a hundred faces
Keith and I take her to bed with us and study
her like a book. How can we be the same again?


The children, too, sense the wonder of it all.
How quickly they come to love her.
I didn’t know they could give so many kisses and their
tenderness they show touches me deeply.  Their lives
will be richer for this.


This newborn has brought great joy.  Our lives are
more complete now that she is here. Thank you;
Lord for this privilege of having a newborn in the House again.

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