Remembering Dad

Here are some conversations that Lillian has had about Grandpa lately:

When we were in Fairmont in November Lillian was talking to my mom about Grandpa Wilken.  Grandma said that she was talking about how sometimes she gets sad but chooses to keep going. Then Lillian’s response was , “But Grandma when you get to heaven and see Grandpa you are going to just Jump for JOY!”

Just last week I was making a fire in the fire place and Lillian cam up to me and asked me, “why that Grandpa had to die?”  I responded to her that that was God’s plan and he knew when it was going to take Grandpa to heaven. Her response was, “You really loved him didn’t you? He really loved you too! ” Then she gave me a hug!

Over Thanksgiving everyone in my family got a scrapbook of memories of my Dad.  This was a special project I worked on and it was really healing for me just weeks after dad died.  Here is a copy of the link so you can preview it if you want! http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0CYt2LNm2as3hw

Here is the girls looking at their  own little versions of the scrapbook.  One of my favorite pictures!

DSC_0007 (3)_1274

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