37 Weeks!

sharing the Christmas Story and the spirit of giving with the girls each day in December

appreciating the fact that even though we stopped writing on our Thankful Tree Lillian still shares what she is thankful for each supper. (Last night it was Jesus’ love)

eating lots of nuts and a few Christmas cookies.

watching the glow of our Christmas lights in our family room

planning our To-Go bag for the hospital.

noticing that the baby has dropped significantly and is located centrally  close to my belly button.

amazed  that we got all of our “Planned” activities in before little one arrives.

enjoying Christmas activity with the girls.

ordering our Christmas cards.

wanting it to warm up so the girls can play in all that snow outside

listening to Christmas music around the clock! Thanks 96.5 for playing only Christmas music.

playing with lots of Nativity sets in our house with the girls.

drinking sips of Chris’ Salted Carmel Starbucks drink- oh my was that good!

marveling how much the girls look forward to our advent story everyday.

shopping online to fill the rest of my Christmas lists. I hate pushing carts in the snow.

working on keeping the house clean so we can leave for the hospital at a moments notice- some days are better than others.

clearing off counter space to make room for Christmas cookie tins.

looking forward to finding out if we have a boy or girl baby!

celebrating each night of good sleep where the children stay in their own beds all night!

wishing everyone moments of reflection on Jesus during this Christmas Season

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