A NEW Thanksgiving

This year we tried something new, the Wilken Family made a pilgrimage to the Wisconsin Dells.  In September my family made the decision to  make some new memories and try something different this year, especially since it would be the 1st major holiday without my dad.  Being 36 weeks pregnant sort of dictated the distance we could go but I was game:)

We thought a lot of my dad. How much he would have enjoyed a place like this.
He would have been going down all the tube rides with the older grandkids
He would have watched his younger grandkids enjoy the water
he would have been the 1st person in the water park each day (probably saying that 9 wasn’t early enough to open
he would have packed a whole suitcase of clothes only to bring them home clean because he would just wear his swimsuit the entire vacation
I’m pretty sure he would have make some comment about his feet and how smooth they were after all the swimming
He would have talked to total strangers and learned their life story
He would have loved to watch all the parents playing with their kids instead of watching from the deck chair.
he would have loved seeing his family all together.
My Dad loved his family, especially when we could all be together.

I think that all of us, because we are his kids did some of these things each day without even realizing it.  The Maloney’s were the last ones to leave the water park after we checked out, we got one more swim in.  The older cousins played pounce into the night. My husband and brother wore like the same shirt all week long.  Everyone played hard! Swam until we couldn’t any longer and enjoyed family time.  The kids swam their hardest, missed naps and at the end of the day asked to go to bed (Lillian)! We also continued the tradition of sharing something we were thankful for has we held a piece of corn grown from the farm.  Our whole family was able to make it and the goal of making new memories was accomplished.

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