Moments you want to remember!


  • Yesterday at Church both of my children decided by themselves that they wanted to go to Nursery and Sunday School.  This was a first for Lillian!  Lillian did pretty good-said she was shy but our neighbor Chase was a high school helper in her room and that helped! I think she was really proud that she went!
  • Norah didn’t cry when I dropped her off at her MOPS classroom on Friday or Nursery on Sunday!
  • The girls played outside for 2 hours just having a great time with the sandbox, playset, dirt, metal detector, bikes and scooters!
  • While I was making supper Norah played dollhouse for 45 minutes by herself! Then was so into her play mode that she didn’t come to the table when we were eating.  When she finally came -she got her own dishes-Lillian got up to push her sisters’ chair in (on her own free will) -and both of the girls were using the word “Please”!
  • After supper we played Uno and there was no game drama.
  • It is 6:57 AM and this is the latest my children have slept in since the dreaded Day light savings. This morning I actually opened my eyes before I heard and little feet come my way to crawl into bed with me- AND it was 6:00:)  Norah did come in 1 minute later but went back to sleep!

Chris and I both looked at each other multiple times during the day-Wondering who these children were?  Maybe this parenting stuff is paying off:)  We both took mental pictures and smiled a lot.


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