Oh the Things you Say!


(Note these pictures have nothing to do with the quotes below. They are just cute reminders of my little chicken helpers)

Norah don’t worry about going to your class at MOPS.  When you grow up you can go to the Meeting! Do you want to go to the MOPS Meeting when you get older?

DSC_0007_1161A conversation while playing on the swing set-

Lillian:  Right now we are all princesses in a castle.  Norah do you want to be a princess?

Norah:        No, I want to be an alligator

Lillian:   You can’t be an alligator. Don’t you want to be a princess?

Norah:        No, I an alligator.

Lillian:     Ok, maybe you can be a baby girl alligator

Norah:        Ok Lilly!


Lillian:  I think that Anne is a good name because she so cute!

DSC_0009_1163After reading a devotion-

Lillian:  Why are people sad here?

Me: Because we get sick,  and bad things happen, and sin is in this world

Lillian: In heaven we are happy

Me: yep!

Lillian: You were sad when Grandpa died.

(She then went into a very detailed discussion about the day dad died, talking about all the daddies and what they were doing.  She also wanted to talk about the whole funeral weekend)


Norah’s new word explosion included the phrase, “I’m so excited” and she is. She is excited for everything.  She also isn’t as loud now because I think she is understood a little bit more! Success

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