An Arrow Pointing to Heaven

I’ve been reading the biography of Rich Mullins recently.  It’s been very good to pull out his old cd’s and listen to the wisdom music of Rich. Lillian especially likes the song “Awesome God”.  His songs are real and honest and tell it like it is.

This Quote really struck a chord with me:

 I think we cry at funerals-even at funerals of people we don’t like-because we realize what a miracle a life is.  You realize, This will never happen again. There will never be this exact combination of genes, there will never again be the things that have created this person to be what he is.  God has spoken uniquely here, and it’s gone. It’s over.  And I think there’s some regret, because we all realize, boy, we didn’t pay enough attention.

My dad has been gone for 3 months.  I think as time goes by you just start thinking about all the things that you want to tell him or talk with him about, or just hear his voice.  God is still teaching me that every person, everything we have is a gift from God- not something we should expect to always have- but a gift that can easily be taken away.  And when it’s gone or taken away we STILL  praise God and thank HIM.

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