The Apple Mantel


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a wood burning fireplace with a mantel over top! When we moved in this house about a year and half ago, I was so pleased to find a fire place and a mantel.  I find that it’s a place where my eyes settle and “rest”.  Even though the rest of the room/house may be a disaster, the mantel is a place of clean, organized beauty.   I also like to try to put things on the mantel that I already have and don’t cost much money.  This month it includes: my Fruit of the spirit garland we made, Our Maloney family tree  that we made, glass vases with apples we picked from the orchard,  a cute little bird from my sister Molly, a ceramic apple from my teaching days, a couple pedestals, candles, and topiary from a rummage sale that that about does it! Hope this inspires you to find a little place to decorate in your home where your eyes can focus on and “rest”!

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