Apple Wreath



The girls and I made this fun Apple wreath to hang on our front door! It was pretty easy to make and we got to stamp with real apples! It makes it feel like fall around here.

Supplies Needed:

  • trimmed apple prints
  • little twigs
  • paper leaves
  • a sturdy paper plate with the center cut out
  • Ribbon optional


1.   For the apple prints, we used a sliced apple, dipped it in paint and stamped it onto white cardstock.  Stick a fork in the back of the apple to make stamping easier.    We let the prints dry overnight before cutting them out.


2. Cut out the center of a sturdy paper plate. You can wrap the plate with ribbon to cover up the paper plate if you are going to see the back of the wreath.


3.  Use glue or tape to adhere a twig and leaf onto the back of each apple. Next, I used the glue adhered the apples onto the paper plate.


4.  Make a loop on the top to hang up your wreath.


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