Different As Can Be


My little girls are different as can be.

They have looked differed from the get go: Blond hair/ Brown hair- Blue eyes/ brown eyes – Long hair/ Short hair

As Norah has grown older we have continued to notice how God creates  each person uniquely.

I love this picture above because it totally captures their own personalities!  Lillian is always in princess clothes, jewelery and princess shoes! She is always trying to get Norah in the act.  Norah most often will choose her Leopard Cat Suit for any dress up occasion.  I’m sure that this is what our future Halloween dress up picture will look like.


Anyone whoever sees Norah in this outfit just smiles and laughs and says , “Yep, that’s Norah!”

Chris and I are challenged every day to raise our daughters up who God has created them to be.  It’s hard sometimes not to squash, while parenting,  the creative and vibrant person that they are.   We are excited in a couple of months to add another little person to the mix:)

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