Happy 4th Birthday Lillian Louise!

2009 Hospital Pictures 008

Who me?  She didn't feel her self so much as just get it all over her hands and face! Priceless!

2 years old


DSC_0011 (2)_679

Dearest Lillian Louise,

You are four years old today!  You were so excited last night before bedtime prayers you  could hardly go to sleep!  Today Grandma Wilken will come over and help you make your Library Birthday Cake.  You want it to have ribbons and pink roses on top of the the chocolate cake! You have been talking about being four for a long time. This makes you a very big girl indeed!

You are all princess and dress up. You often make many costume changes during the day, especially at nap time.  You are happiest with a dress or skirt on, your hair down (or fancy as you call it), your flip flops, and some make-up on (lip gloss).

You are a big lover of books so that is why we did a Library themed book party for your birthday this year!  You can look at books for a very long time. You even read/tell us the story to Norah and Mommy and Daddy.  I bet next year you will be able to read some all by your self

On the swing set you love to swing and hang upside down on the bars.  You can pump all by yourself on the swing, but still liked to be pushed.  You can ride your stider bike and a scooter by yourself.

You are very insightful and we know that God speaks to you.  We know that you love Jesus and that now you have another person in heaven that loves you so much.  Grandpa Wilken always loved a good party. Last year he even wore your birthday sash and earrings around for a while at your party.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the grown up little girl that you have become!  May God bless you this year as you learn and grow!

Happy Birthday my sweet Four year old!


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